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A Naturally Nourished Life

can help you FINALLY lose the weight!

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It's Time to Lose the Weight For Good

with holistic nutrition support

Have you ever worked so hard to lose weight only to end up back where you started? This can be SO frustrating. As many women over 40 have experienced, metabolic health and weight loss are not as easy to achieve and maintain as it was when we were younger. Many of us have experienced significant struggles with our health specifically with weight gain despite exercising and healthy eating habits. While we may initially turn to our healthcare providers, we quickly can see that healing may not come from another medication OR by the old calories in/calories out model. 


Have hope! There may be a way for you to have more energy, feel better, and finally lose the weight!

If you could uncover the true root cause of your struggles, that would be something you'd want to know more about, right?

What I Specialize In

Creating an Individualized Nutrition Plan
Providing Nutritional
1:1 or Group
Networking with other Providers for Inclusive Care
Using Specialized Labs to Discover Patterns and Root Causes
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You will receive a comprehensive health assessment with personalized recommendations, so that you will know exactly what your body needs to thrive.

What Clients Say

"Elizabeth has helped me get a full picture of how my food and water intake affects not only my body but my mood and my sleep. Since working with her I have been more conscious while meal prepping and with adding electrolytes to my daily water intake. I look forward to working with her for years to come." Elena K. 

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