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What is "NORMAL" anyway?

Are DIET and EXERCISE no longer working for you the way they used to? Are your SYMPTOMS dragging you down, yet when you talk to your doctor, you are told that bc your labs are NORMAL that everything is fine?

Just because you’ve gotten used to your symptoms doesn’t mean they are NORMAL. Just because your labs don’t immediately diagnose disease doesn’t mean that your body is functioning properly, or not on its way to a medical diagnosis. Symptoms are your body’s way of telling you that something is off with your normal function. Often we just get acclimated to them and think that feeling this way is a part of getting older.


Looking at lab markers from a FUNCTIONAL perspective gives us great insight as to the direction we are heading and explains why we feel the way we do. Looking at the patterns between those markers gives us even MORE information. Knowledge is power, friends. When we know what we are truly dealing with, we know how to address it, properly.

Truly, the symptoms we think are NORMAL have really just become COMMON.

Take glucose for example. Diagnostically, a doctor won’t advise treatment or dietary changes until your levels are 120 or higher. By then you are well on your way to pre-diabetes and insulin resistance. Functionally, when we see this marker (in conjunction with other markers changing) starting to creep above 86, we know that we need to start addressing what’s actually causing these levels to go up AND FIX THAT.

By looking at BOTH your symptoms AND your lab markers, we can clearly see patterns emerge that can indicate the root causes and in turn, direct our path forward for you to properly heal and function normally again.

I personally spent years searching for the answers to my health issues and spent thousands of $$$ on various diets and supplements. The problem was that no one, not one single doctor, naturopath, or nutritionist, bothered to look at the ROOT CAUSES of my symptoms. They only promised to stop the symptom, and to a point, they did help alleviate some. Not all. Eventually, those quick fixes stopped working and everything went right back to the way it was before. I wasn’t addressing the root of it all, so it just kept coming back, just like those pesky weeds in the front yard.

Are you tired of shooting arrows in the dark and trying everything under the sun to feel better, and yet end up feeling the same but with less money?

This is what I do, friends. I dig deep into the root causes of your issues and chart a course towards healing for you. If you are ready to get your life back, let me know. Drop a comment, like, share, or save this post. And- be sure to follow me on Instagram @naturallynourishedntp for more tips!

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